Current show

From June 25-30, 2019 we will be staging the cult classic Assassins by Stephen Sondheim in support of the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia at The Bus Stop Theatre. Tickets go on sale June 1, 2019 on Eventbrite. If you donate to our GoFundMe Campaign, there are donation benefits of advanced tickets - and the Foundation receives a larger donation thanks to your sense of community and support.

Assassins explores the lives of nine people who attempted to, or succeeded in, killing the President of the United States - or other famous citizens of their era. It's frank, comedic, dark, and utterly compelling. The cry of the disenfranchised rings true in our current political and social climate, with characters ripped from history speaking truth to the despair so often felt in 2019. 

We felt that this show partners perfectly with the work of the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia.  An advocacy, education and funding group, they provide supports and resources to the citizens of Nova Scotia suffering with a wide variety of mental health issues. We want to bring attention to the work they do, and the desperate need for advocacy and education surrounding mental health care. 

Assassins Cast.png