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about us

Founded in 2016 by Laura Thornton, Sarah Richardson and Ian Gilmore, Whale Song Theatre is an emerging professional theatre company in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Artistic Director Laura Thornton is committed to producing high quality theatre that is accessible to artists at all stages of their careers - both on stage and off. Whale Song Theatre is also dedicated to donating a portion of the proceeds from every show to a local charity or non-profit organization. The link between community and the arts should be celebrated whenever possible. 

In February 2017 Whale Song Theatre debuted it's first production - Heathers: The Musical - in support of Phoenix House and it's programs. The show was a run-away success with a fully sold out run. We were honoured to be asked to remount the show at the Stages Festival in May 2017 as the inaugural company on the "Emerging Performance Stage".

September 2017 we made our Halifax Fringe Festival debut with our second production of Diana Son's Stop Kiss. This production was in support of The Youth Project and won three awards (Best Drama, Best Performer and Best Kiss). 



What's On stage?



We're thrilled to announce that Whale Song's next production will be Peter and the Starcatcher. The show will go up at The Bus Stop Theatre the week of February 19-25, 2018. Proceeds from the show will be donated to the IWK Foundation in support of the IWK Children's Hospital. 

Directed by Laura Thornton with musical direction by Sarah Richardson and choreography by Ian Gilmore, Starcatcher is a slapstick, 4th wall breaking prequel to the Peter Pan story. Based on the book of the same name, Peter and the Starcatchers, this modern prequel uses the actors to not only tell the story, but create the sets and props onstage. Joyful use of imagination makes this family friendly comedy great for ages 6+ (the show is rated PG, so use your own discretion).



Just finished

Whale Song Theatre was thrilled to make their Halifax Fringe debut with the searing and timely play Stop Kiss by Diana Son.

This heartbreaking and beautiful play is story of young love, the prejudice that still exists in our world today, and our own journey to self-acceptance. As part of the mandate of Whale Song Theatre - $1 from every ticket sold went directly to The Youth Project.

Katerina Bakolias as Callie
Emily Jewer as Sarah
Sean Skerry as George
Steven G. Heisler as Paul & Dective Cole
Amy Trefry as Ms Winsley & The Nurse
The Team
Produced by Laura Thornton
Directed by Ali House
Stage Management by Olivia McGinn


..with a play like Stop Kiss that sets out to address and respond to important & topical issues that are just as, if not more, relevant today. It’s a bold and ambitious gamble, but ultimately one that pays off.
— Carey Bray, The Coast, Halifax Fringe Coverage




Peter and the starcatcher
February 20-25, 2018
The Bus Stop Theatre



pitch it


One of the driving forces behind the founding of Whale Song Theatre was to give our talented colleagues a creative space and support to put together the projects they want to work on. We know all too well how it can be challenging to get a project started.

We want to help. Check us out!

Emily Jewer and Katerina Bakolias ( Stop Kiss , 2017)

Emily Jewer and Katerina Bakolias (Stop Kiss, 2017)